About Riqitta

Colin & Pamela have owned Irish Setters since 1976


Our setters live in our home, and are an integral part of our family.
The dogs live happily together, we do not Kennel or crate them.

We are fortunate to have our own land at our property, so it is so convenient to exercise them.


Colin with Hannah & Aidan                                                                    Pamela with Aidan & Hannah

Pamela's father Jim Thompson (85 Years Old Aug 2000) exercising our dogs
Jim died October 2007 - aged 92

We often think our love of Irish Setters must be attributed to Pamela's father

who owned three Irish Setters when in his twenties. Pamela can remember her father recalling with passion his

wonderful Setters. He remarked on the fact that her grandmother spent a lot of time grooming their rich mahogany coats,

to have a mirror finish. She remembers her Dad expressing how much love they gave to the entire family.
So we think it was inevitable that when we got married an Irish Setter would be the breed for us.



Pamela & Dylan



Harriet - Aidan - Niall - Niamh


Riqitta clan at home in the garden - the magnificent seven 2002

From left - Aidan, Hannah, Conor, Kiri, Dominic, Abby, Femme